Friday, April 4, 2008

Yeah, I'm a slacker!

While my teammates are all doing this:

I will be doing some of this:

And some of this:

And then getting my hair cut and then going to a baby's 1st B-day party:

Yeah, that will be enough for one day!


Anonymous said...

oh my, what a cute baby!

velogirl said...

you're going to rome?

hey, do you want my tt helmet for madera?

chatterbox said...

flandria - yep, he's super-cute!

vg - no Rome, unfortunately, but I'll be sleeping! If there's a convenient time to exchange, sure! Otherwise, I'm not too worried about it (can just tape over the vent holes).

CyclistRick said...

Thats it! We take a quick flight to Rome so you can nap in St. Peter's square again! And we can find that good gelato place near the Vatican, the one that dished out humoungous servings.

Or we could just stay around here, I will test riding with my damaged hand, we can prepare for Madera, you can do your training, and .... oh, yeah, I can finish working on taxes.

And no one who knows you will ever think of you as a slacker.

velogirl said...

I can drop it off with Rick?